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The Marketing Collectiv is a Collectiv of marketing experts who work together as an agency on projects, give workshops and work in-house for clients (interim). The Marketing Collectiv consist of experienced and curated professionals. We believe our of working makes online marketing support more efficiently and results in better quality. This combination of the quality professionals and our unique ‘new way of working’ business structure allows us to work on projects with flexibility and create tailor made approaches per project. 

We strongly believe in the new way of working. Moreover, the Collectiv professionals, the world and your business benefit from it. It will benefit The Collectiv professionals in work-pleasure and satisfaction, your business in results and collaboration effectiveness and the world in our reduction of the carbon footprint.

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The team

Quality over business structure, period. That is what we believe, and that is why our team consists of experienced marketing experts, whether they are freelancers, fixed employees or partners.  

New way of working

Everybody knows about the proven facts: working from 9-5 at a fixed desk doesn’t stimulate creativity and quality. Hourly input and fixed location work is a thing from the past, at least that’s what we believe. 

Instead of looking at the obligated input, we look at the output. We believe that to perform best you have to work when, how and where you’ll perform best. Proven fact: this increases work productivity, responsibility and motivation (which lead to quality and satisfaction). Everybody has their own optimal work routine, all we do is try to facilitate this through this new way of working through a community of Collectiv Marketeers. 

This way of working our unique business structure allows us to work flexible on projects and create tailor made project structures. Which allows us to work efficiently and generate the best results. And not to forget, it will increase work satisfaction and improve collaboration involvement. Win-win for everybody





Our values & believes

We believe in challenging, innovation, focus and the fact that Marketing should not be a one-fits-all model.
Quality, flexibility, transparency and work pleasure are important values of The Marketing Collectiv.

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