Privacy & cookie policy


The Marketing Collectiv respects the privacy of all users of this website and makes sure that all personal data that is given to us in trust will be handled accordingly. Use or procession of this data will be done in accordance to the regulations of the GDPR.



The Marketing Collectiv collects personal data for business purposes such as collecting leads and generating new clients. When you fill in a form on this website or send us an e-mail, then this personal data is saves as long as is necessary in concern to the relation or the contact. If your personal data is not necessary we will remove this data. When you register for a digital newsletter on this website and you accept that we use your e-mail for this matter, you will be added to our mailing list. You can always sign out, every newsletter contains an sign out link at the bottom of the page. If you are a relation of The Marketing Collectiv you remain the right to see in to the data we have collected. If this data contains errors, we are glad to change this for you. Besides, you can always notify us directly via email that you do not wish to be contacted anymore. We will then remove all your data. This can be done through emailing



We will not sell your personal data to third parties. If the situation occurs that we need third parties work with our data (such as IT of software experts) then these parties will only have access to systems with personal data unless absolutely necessary for performance. In this case these third parties are obligated to sign a data agreement.


This website places cookies. Cookies are small textdocuments that are places on a desktop, tablet or mobile by the internet. The Marketing Collectiv uses cookies to:
• Optimize and analyse the user experience.
• Make social sharing possible.
• Measure the effect (and optimize the effect) of our online marketing campaigns.

The Marketing Collectiv uses this data the way is legally allowed; only aggregated and non-traceable to an individual. This data can be used across multiple devices. We also use our cookies for Remarketing campaigns. Therefore, it is possible to reconnect with previous website visitors and show personalized messages. Showing these personalized massages is also anonymized. No privacy related data is saved and connected. You can also remove your own cookie history.



On our website are outbound URLs to external websites (of other businesses). The Marketing Collectiv is not responsible for the data use of those websites. We recommend to read their privacy statement.



The Marketing Collectiv will remain the right to apply adjustments to this privacy statement. Questions regarding this privacy statement can be send to or +31 (0)6-25524024.