In this article you will find out more about the new AI targeting settings of Meta. 

Currently, more AI-developed targeting settings are becoming the new standard within Meta’s audience targeting. Therefore, the old targeting settings are being replaced by a combination of [1] Audience control settings + and [2] Advantage+ audience.

With the Audience control settings+ you give up the ‘hard rules’. This means you can only set minimum age and can only exclude certain custom audiences. Within the Advantage+ audience, field you can specify suggestions for the AI ad algorithm to find your audience even better. These suggestions include the same options as before, such as age, gender, demographics, interest or behaviors. These suggestions are not ‘hard rules’ but just hints to prioritize the right target group.

According to Meta: “Advantage+ audience typically gets better results compared to the original audience options. This is because our AI is not limited to delivering ads to people that match your selections, giving it more flexibility to find new audiences.”

We are already running the first tests! Curious about the results? DM or email us!

*Good to know: Special Ads Category campaigns don’t have access to the Advantage+ audience settings.

In this Google Article you can find more information about the new AI targeting settings of Meta.